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Do you know the difference between ordinary headphones and headphones?

Ordinary headphones for civilian consumption, used to listen to music, listen to radio, watch movies.

Ordinary headphones have the following characteristics:

1, the frequency response as wide as possible wide, so that a variety of music to enjoy a good effect;

2, the efficiency is relatively high, to adapt to civilian output equipment, relatively small output capacity of the headset line; three is light weight, wear to be comfortable.

Listen to bluetooth headphones is not added to the sound rendering headphones, is relative to the high-fidelity headphones in terms of. By listening to headphones, you can hear the most close to the real, without any modification of the sound quality. It is widely used in recording studios, dubbing rooms, television stations, radio stations and MIDI studios and other fields.

Listening to headphones to have the characteristics are:

1, monitor headset rugged, easy to repair and maintenance;

2, monitor the headset frequency response should be wide enough, fast, to ensure that the need to monitor the frequency range of the signal distortion as small as possible, with a clear response to the characteristics of the ability to listen to the object.

Monitor the difference between headphones and ordinary headphones only depends on the use of targeted.

Including recording monitoring, late mixing monitor, stage ear monitor, DJ monitor, off-site monitoring, etc., by the way a variety of military engineering is also listening to the scope.

Light recording can also monitor the human head recording, instrument monitoring, etc., do not care too strict classification, a lot of listening headphones can be used multi-purpose.

Specifically for the studio listening smartomi bluetooth headphones in the sound field does not necessarily do a lot, an ear is not necessarily back to any shock or even feel ugly is possible, but not necessarily the so-called straightforward, high resolution , The sound of cold, no music, this is just the majority of people listening to a misunderstanding only.

Each headset manufacturers have different styles, to say that straightforward high-resolution cold alarm monitoring headset manufacturers should be the most famous should be non-Bayern, but Baia in the field of recording applications is not well known, it is long been AKG champion For a long time, although now the major manufacturers have also made a hundred forces contend for what.

How to use the Bluetooth headphones desktop?

Nowadays, Bluetooth headphones comes more and more popular, so many people bought bluetooth headphones, but most of them don’t know how to use the bluetooth headphones desktop, today let’s talk about this problem.hope can help you a lot.
1, the installation of Bluetooth adapter driver, I use the IVT bluesoleil, can support stereo Bluetooth headset function A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Profile).

2, the Bluetooth adapter into the computer's USB port, open the IVT bluesoleil software, automatically find the Bluetooth adapter, the lower right corner of the taskbar logo will become blue.

3, the smartomi Bluetooth headphones selected to match the state (non-ordinary standby mode, see the specific operation or see our forum related guidance article), IVT bluesoleil software menu inside select, search for Bluetooth devices, find, select the Bluetooth headset, Connection "after the taskbar prompts the PIN code text, will require the input Bluetooth headset verification code, usually 0000, 1234, 8888, the specific circumstances, please see the instructions.

4, when completed, the computer will automatically connect.

Then you will hear the Bluetooth headphones "ding dong ... ding dong" sound, it is only completed half, and that communication is no problem.

5, control panel - sound and audio equipment

The music playback and recording equipment to Bluetooth devices.

Music player and recording device with 2 Bluetooth devices ~! Have to change to Bluetooth SCO Audio Bluetooth device or the sound out of ~! The The

6. Then click "Test Hardware"

(Tip: If the computer prompts "can not complete the sound hardware test guide" please press the Bluetooth headset switch until the headphones without any sound issued.)

After the test is successful, you can use the smartomi bluetooth headphones to connect the computer to listen to music.

Now you can enjoy the joy of wireless equipment.

PS: Bluetooth headset each time the connection, or there will be "ding dong ..." connection sound, just press the Bluetooth headset key to turn it off, but pay attention to see the taskbar of the Bluetooth service logo has not become green The If it is not green, prove that the Bluetooth device has stopped service and needs to be reconnected. In addition, the recommended computer with the latest version of the driver, IVT bluesoleil, can support stereo bluetooth headphones function A2DP.

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth headset With the continuous progress of science and technology, more and more common in life, there are many friends to ordinary headphones into a Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth headset is easy to use, but with Bluetooth headphones with radiation? With Bluetooth headphones benefits and hazards which? Here let’s talk about Bluetooth headphones benefits and hazards.
Use the benefits of a Bluetooth headset

When using a bluetooth headphones to answer or make a call, the phone will transmit and receive electromagnetic waves from the antenna, so the impact of radiation on the human body will become relatively weak due to the distance.

Although the bluetooth headphones radiation is relatively small, but we should not be ignored, so be sure to use the correct.
Bluetooth headset hazards

1. From the perspective of radiation, bluetooth headphones radiation is only one hundredth of the phone, than the average wired headset to use the radiation even lower. So in terms of radiation, Bluetooth headset is safe.

2. From the perspective of the headset, long-term wear headphones, too much volume will have some damage to the human ear hearing, of course, not long, large volume of the use of headphones.

But the headphones itself, long-term wear on the body has some damage. Long-term use of headphones to answer the phone or music, because the eardrum and headphones vibration film is very close, the acoustic wave range is small and concentrated, the auditory nerve stimulation of the eardrum is relatively large, easy to cause dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss, heavy hearing; Several or even ten hours, there may be sudden deafness. Ear plugs on the external auditory canal can cause chronic stimulation, causing inflammation of the ear; In addition, wearing a headset for too long, the spirit will always be in a state of tension, is not conducive to health.

So should avoid long-term use of headphones, Bluetooth is no exception, such as the use of intermittent and the sound can not be too big, just listen to clear. Do not listen to people in the noisy place, so you will be unable to hear the volume and increase the volume. It is recommended to listen to the headset wearing only one, listen to some time for another ear to listen to, this will reduce the impact on hearing.
Any electronic products are good and bad, mainly to see how you use with it. And if cheap bluetooth headphones ,its hazards will more than its benefits. Maybe you can come to to have a look.

Bluetooth headphone evaluation

By adtozhou, 2017-10-12
Bluetooth headphone evaluation

As a smartomi headphone, it need to face the user or the quality of the test, of course, this is a very subjective test. Music camera Bluetooth headphone with a Bluetooth 4.1 chip, the advantage is more power, transmission distance is longer, the effective distance can be about 10 meters, and the connection faster.

Hardware, it is used before and after the independent reflection of the sound chamber, especially in the bass part, than the average headphone to be clear a lot. And in actual use is also true.

Usually like to listen to some work to ease the peace of music, or even pure music. Often open the music APP, the first option is certainly "work refueling." So, the middle part is the most often heard, here to tell the truth, and not too unexpected, not very stunning, performance quite satisfactory.

However, as mentioned earlier, in the bass part of the headphone performance is very good, generally very obscure flute sound, tone of the bass sound, sounds very clear, dive is in place.

In addition, in sports, often listen to some strong sense of rhythm of music, high school bass mixed place is very much, excellent place is the subwoofer into the very telepresence. Compared with the excellent performance of the bass, the treble part of the little holes that give the kind of sense of high C.

After three weeks, this music movement mini bluetooth headphones has been tried for more than three weeks, has long been used to open the phone to connect Bluetooth, boot 1 second even people think this is a matter of course. Do not have time to wipe the sweat by hand is how chic. Take the headphone ride on the car on the road Ben is how comfortable. Three weeks that is transformed ... ... release a real oneself.

But still want to Tucao here, with the headphone to answer the phone always have embarrassment, from time to time the signal will be relatively poor, had to disconnect Bluetooth directly with the phone microphone to answer, do not know is not Mishapao.

Of course, the last thing to say, this smartomi headphone in addition to a satisfactory performance, the price is also the world's best, the price of 199 yuan to other brands of sports Bluetooth headphone Feixing.

With the development of economic and technological, bluetooth headphones become more and more common in our life,coupled with the history of 2013, the most stringent implementation of the traffic, while driving the phone will face a penalty of 2 points, many owners choose to buy Bluetooth headphones, buy After suffering but do not know how to connect Bluetooth headphones phone,

First: the Bluetooth headphones is to match the success of the phone, you can use the Bluetooth headset to answer or hang up the phone and so on.

Second: Bluetooth headphones has several ways to wear: single ear is divided into: ear hanging and ear plug type. Headset is divided into: ears and ears earbuds. There is also a: after wearing a Bluetooth headphones. This is relatively rare.

Third: you can according to their actual use to choose their own Bluetooth headphones to use.

General phone and bluetooth headphones connection there are two cases, the detailed steps are as follows:

The first case: the new Bluetooth headphones and mobile phone connection steps: 1, the phone's Bluetooth function is turned on. 2, go to search for Bluetooth status. 3, open the Bluetooth switch, the new Bluetooth will automatically enter the match mode. 4, Bluetooth headphones blue light, red light alternately flashing, search phone automatically connected. 5, pay attention to mobile phones and Bluetooth headphones distance to 10 meters.

Phone and Bluetooth headphones secondary connection, the steps are as follows:

1, the phone to open the Bluetooth function, go to search the Bluetooth headphones status.

2, so that the Bluetooth headphones in the boot state, you need to press the Bluetooth headset answer key.

3, until the light: blue light alternately flash and then release.

4, this time the Bluetooth headphones and mobile phone will once again into the match.

5, and other mobile phone above the display of this Bluetooth device, click OK to connect to use.

6, pay attention to mobile phones and Bluetooth headphones distance to 10 meters.

After my introduction, do you have the use of Bluetooth headset has a certain understanding of it ? Hoping these will really help you a lot. Any questions, you can come to smartomi to know more about. Here will give you the answer you want, also will supply you good smartomi bluetooth headphones.