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starting a new life with his family

By lucyweiweiwei, 2017-04-27

port lies down the list of concerns after President Trump’s attempted travel ban against six Muslim-majority countries, but soccer has not emerged untouched. An MLS club is reported to have missed out on a Muslim player in part because of the ban, while Columbus Crew forward Justin Curtis Joseph Youth Jersey Meram pulled out of the Iraq national team squad for reasons related to the ban.None of the six countries under the proposed ban are renowned soccer powers, but many immigrants from Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Yemen have used the sport to help integrate themselves into their new home. We spoke to players from each of the six countries about how the current climate has affected their lives.Hussein is a soccer hero in Somalia, an international midfielder of some standing in his home country. But the precariousness of life in Somalia prompted him to flee his homeland for eventual asylum in the US. He has just passed the one-year anniversary of his arrival in the US, and maintains hopes of US citizenship and a return to pro soccer from his base in St Louis.“When I came to the US, I was excited – very happy to be in this country: to be free and away from Somalia’s troubles. I am very appreciative. I am not playing right now but I train and hope to play. I was 23 when I arrived, an established player in Somalia, but the level is higher here so I’m still working out and hopeful of being recruited soon.“When I was in Kenya, where I first fled and awaited asylum, I thought of the US as a country that accepted everyone, welcomed everyone, regardless of race, religion and beliefs. And I still see the country this way even though there has been a minor setback recently. I still believe the US is the country for all. The first thing that came to my mind [after the travel ban was discussed] was my family who want one day to join me here. Will they be safe, will we be separated? That’s what I’m always worried about. All of the other people, too, who are always running away from the extremists in Somalia.Sa’ad Hussein during his playing days in Somalia. Photograph: PR“Al-Shabaab arrested me and then tortured me for listening to music on my phone. They lashed me 38 times. The public lashing I was given happened a month before a World Cup qualifier I played in against Ethiopia. I played for my country many times, the first time when I was 17. I played club football for the local club Elman FC. When the lashing happened, I was already in a camp with the national team but I left for a weekend in my hometown. The Somali football federation got treatment for me in Djibouti where we played the match.“Later, I decided to take part in a documentary about the situation in Somalia and talk about my story. That’s why I left for Kenya. Now that the movie [Men in the Arena] is coming out, I am worried about my family’s safety. That’s the whole reason I am here. Because if I was in Somalia and Al-Shabaab saw that documentary, they would kill me and my family. In the meantime, I’m still worried about my family.”Opportunity brought Eldrasi to the United States after a long playing career in the Libyan Brandon Bollig Youth Jersey Premier League. He left his homeland shortly before the fall of the Gaddafi regime, later gained green-card status in the US and currently works to get his wife and two sons out of his home city of Benghazi. He coaches the next generation of youth soccer in the Austin area.“I came to the United States in 2011 before the war broke out. I came like anyone. I have a dream. I want to study English. I want to open an academy because I love soccer. When my playing career was over, I decided to come here, finish my education, and pursue my passion. It has not been easy. I got a work permit after four years, then a green card after five. I’ve struggled. I’m still studying, I work as a distributor, and I still play amateur football. I also coach, mostly American and Latino kids.“I was a professional for 16 years in Libya. When I was 18 I started in an academy in Benghazi, the professional club Al-Tahaddi. I also played for other clubs in the Libyan league, including Al Ahli in Tripoli and Al-Nasr, also in Benghazi. I played against Gaddafi’s son, Al-Saadi, many times when he played for Al-Ahli. I once had a chance to go to Turkey and Egypt but I couldn’t because [the Libyan FA] didn’t want me to go. That happened a lot – not just to me but to other players as well. It was really tough but now it’s more tough. It’s unsafe right now in my country. Go look at Benghazi now.“Isis caught my brother. We don’t know about his body, we don’t know if he is alive. He always talked about Isis, that they are not good people, that they are killing people, they are not Islam. I have two sons and my wife over there. Right now they are in Benghazi. They always cry about wanting to come here but it’s not in my hands. They are waiting for a visa right now. Everything is tough. My kids say, ‘Dad, what’s going on?’”Mayen was five when he arrived in the US as a refugee from Sudan. He maintains hopes of one day making it as a pro as he currently works on his game as a striker at Carlow University in Pittsburgh. Soccer is in his blood.“I fled my hometown of Khartoum in Sudan with my family in 1998. At that time, if you were Muslim you would be killed; if you were Christian you would be killed. My parents decided to flee for our freedom. We relocated to Lebanon and then in 2000 we moved to Syracuse in New York. In Sudan, my dad owned a semi-pro team named Wau Nar, so I was always around soccer from when I was really young. My dad always wanted his sons to be around what he had built from the ground up, which he had to give away when we left.“I’ve played three years of college soccer now. When I first came to the US I met a kid named Dylan, and he and his family helped me out a lot because they knew my love for the game. Rides, money, food, equipment, cleats. Over the years I grew to play with teams around the area. I’m trying to refine my skills and my touch so that when the next college season comes I can play at the best of my ability.“The ban shocked my family more than anything. The United States is a place where people like my family can come for a better life. When the ban was put in place, it almost seemed like – not a slap in the face – but rejection, almost. It’s hard to explain. Everywhere around the world everyone speaks so highly of the US, so it was confusing to see them not be the big brother but turn the cold shoulder. I’m a permanent resident now, though 95% of my family are citizens by now. Right now, say the national team for Sudan wanted to call me to play, I’m really not sure if I’d be comfortable traveling to play in case there were problems coming back.”in 2006 Shawish left southeastern Yemen behind, starting a new life with his family in upstate New York.

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we’ll continue to be the same way

By lucyweiweiwei, 2017-04-26

hicago Fire general manager Nelson Rodriguez is blunt when it comes to the makeup of soccer in the US. “I refuse to believe that the best people and best professionals are mostly white males. I would find that an incredible set Chris Copeland Jersey of coincidences,” he says.Zlatan Ibrahimovic's injury may be good news for his MLS suitors Read moreAnd if change comes from the top, MLS has made little progress over the past decade when it comes to its coaching ranks, despite receiving glowing marks from the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports for its diversity initiatives – the league received an A+ in 2016.In 1998 and 2008, the league had four minority head coaches; at the start of the 2017 season that number had grown to just five. This, too, despite an initiative in 2007 requiring teams to interview candidates of diverse backgrounds for any open technical staff position, similar to the NFL’s “Rooney rule.”Rodriguez says: “I think it’s first about finding those best people and best professionals, irrespective of gender and ethnicity. If that’s truly the pursuit, then I believe it’s only natural that there should be greater diversity just as there is among all professions. Yet soccer [in the United States] continues to be male, white-dominated.”The root of the problem goes back decades.One of the most honest assessments of minority hiring in American soccer came from Alan Rothenberg, the former president of the US soccer federation, who told Soccer America in 2014: “From an ethnic standpoint, we were dominated by Europeans who didn’t have interest in Hispanics.”This feeling, however, was mutual.“Soccer in the Latino community was lights years ahead of the American soccer scene,” former US Soccer national staff coach Rene Miramontes told the Guardian in a 2014 interview. “Why would they want to come over to the American side and coach there when they had the real thing and it was really, really good what they were doing?”Advertisement The US soccer community has been playing catch-up with the Latino community ever since.But it would be an oversimplification to say that the lack of coaching diversity in American pro soccer in 2017 comes down to longstanding conflicts between the Latino and white American soccer communities. The problem is far deeper and more complex.“You don’t see that [many] Latino coaches since 2000 when I started with the New England [Revolution],” says FC Dallas technical director and former MLS head coach Fernando Clavijo. “And I really do not know why. But I always thought that for me to get a job I knew I needed to be better, not equal, to anybody else. That’s how it always was for me.”The problem in MLS, though, has affected more than just Latino coaches. In the entire 21-year history of the league, there have been two African American head coaches.“I think much like the NFL back in the day, a lot of African American players [in American soccer] didn’t even consider going into the coaching realm because they never thought they would get a fair shake,” says former USA head coach Steve Sampson.The idea that American professional soccer is a meritocracy where the most qualified candidates are filling Ben McLemore Youth Jersey  MLS’s head coaching vacancies is simply not borne out by the facts.Of the 22 head coaches currently working in MLS, five got their first head coaching job without any previous coaching experience, while five more were hired with two or fewer years of coaching experience. That means that nearly half of the head coaches in MLS had two or fewer years of coaching experience at any level before getting their first big break. All but one of these 10 coaches is white.This pattern of hiring inexperienced ex-players to head coaching positions dates back at least as far as 2007 – the year that Real Salt Lake first hired Jason Kreis and, coincidentally, the same year that MLS began its diversity initiative – and has continued ever since.Advertisement MLS teams seem to rely on who and what they know rather than engaging in a thorough and competitive hiring process, one that might include a candidate they would otherwise not have considered.“It’s ‘Oh, we have a guy. He’s been a good guy. He was great in the community. Maybe he was great on the field as well. It would be good for the club to continue that association,’” says the Fire’s Rodriguez about the thinking behind these hires. “As soon  as someone starts to have success doing something a certain way, other teams want to copy [that model]. I think it takes patience and a degree of open-mindedness – perhaps even a dash of courage – to buck those trends and try and find a different way.”One team that has found a different way is Clavijo’s FC Dallas.In 2014, Clavijo hired a former FC Dallas player and youth coach, Oscar Pareja, away from the Colorado Rapids. Since then, the two have built a young team that has consistently been among the best in Major League Soccer over the past three seasons and which is undefeated so far in 2017.In contrast to Dallas’s approach – which focuses on bringing players up through the youth system and into the first team – expansion franchise Atlanta United FC hired Argentine coach Gerardo “Tata” Martino to bring his experiences in international soccer to a young organization hungry for immediate success.Both franchises made these hires not so that they could have diversity for its own sake, but because they valued the passion and perspective on the game that each of these coaches bring with their backgrounds. New York City have accomplished much the same thing with their head coach, ex-Arsenal great Patrick Vieira.And this is where the story becomes less about the lack of diversity in MLS – something that has plagued every other major American sports league as well as major industries across the country – than about how that lack of diversity threatens the future of the sport in this country.“I think people in a position of leadership need to take a look at the big picture and ask themselves: how do they want the make-up of this league to be not just this year but 10 years from now?” asks Sampson. “Owners – and it’s really the owners and the presidents of the clubs that are driving this – they’re the ones that have to believe in this and make it a priority.”If the owners and executives at the top of American professional soccer choose not to make those important decisions, says former US youth national team coach Hugo Perez, US soccer at every level will continue to lag behind the rest of the world.“We need [diverse] coaches in order for us to be a power in the world,” he says. “If you don’t, you’re going to be the same thing you’ve been for the last 20, 25 years. You need those types of coaches to bring something different in order for us and for our players to be able to compete with the rest of the world.“Until we do that, and if we don’t have that diversity, we’ll continue to be the same way.”

but there is no room for Kingstonian

By lucyweiweiwei, 2017-04-26

As the minutes ticked down on Kingstonian’s final match at Kingsmeadow one supporter quietly slipped away from the terrace at the end of the east stand. He Authentic Chris Chelios Youth Jersey had a favour to ask but time was tight and the plan was entirely reliant on goodwill. Fortunately there was some of it going around. After knocking on a couple of doors behind the old Kingston Road end his powers of persuasion bore fruit in the form of a temporarily loaned back garden. A strike of a match later the final salute could begin.The jets of red and white fireworks – an impressive and prolonged display, compromised only by the clear afternoon sky against which they battled for prominence – had the intended effect. “I’d been savouring the moment until then but once they went off, that was it for me,” says lifelong Kingstonian supporter Denise Turner, who was watching from the stand. “I thought I was going to cry. We’ve got so many memories here but that signalled the end of it.”Those memories will remain but the chance to create any more has, to many minds, been wrenched away. The history of Kingsmeadow, which was built in 1989 and has been home to Kingstonian since, is complex for its relatively young age but on Saturday it was the present that mattered. Next season the Ryman League Premier Division club will leave Kingston and groundshare with Leatherhead, 10 miles and well over half an hour away by car, and it is a move that throws their survival into doubt.“I’m convinced the club is going to die after this,” Gary Ekins, formerly the club’s press officer, says. Not everybody is that pessimistic but the circumstances behind Kingstonian’s departure have led many to feel embittered. In reality the roots of the club’s plight were laid down in 2003 when the incumbent Khosla family, who had purchased a stricken club from administrators, opted to sell the stadium lease for £2.4m to AFC Wimbledon – who needed a medium-term venue for their phoenix club. The Khoslas, rather than the club, walked away with the money. Kingstonian were allowed to stay on for what, essentially, was a peppercorn rent, with little changing bar the trappings around Kingsmeadow as the new owners’ operation gathered momentum.Last June, to facilitate Wimbledon’s future return to Plough Lane, the stadium was sold to Chelsea. Wimbledon will, for now, remain as tenants Authentic Flames Womens Jersey but there is no room for Kingstonian in Kingsmeadow’s future. In returning to what they consider their own home Wimbledon have in effect helped to dislodge Kingstonian from theirs.“You have to understand that we’ve been paying for the sins of the past but now we have the opportunity to find and develop our own stadium,” the Kingstonian co-chairman Mark Anderson says. That process is aided by a sum of around £1m that Wimbledon have paid Kingstonian because, in their words, they “recognised the position the club was in”. Nobody would deny it is a generous amount of money. The majority of it is ringfenced to be spent on a stadium; last year the Wimbledon chief executive, Erik Samuelson, described it as “windfall money for them to get at least an equity share of their own stadium or many years’ rental money”. Frittering cash away on the latter eventuality would probably do little other than postpone disaster, though, and Kingstonian hope slow-moving plans to build their own ground on the former Chessington Golf Centre, still in the borough of Kingston albeit on the fringes, can now gain some speed. with unbelievable assets so we just need to move on and get on with it,” Anderson says. “The future of this club is rosy – rosier than it’s ever been, in fact. But the price we’ve had to pay is leaving this ground.”AdvertisementThe contrast in mood between Anderson and Ekins is stark. There is the near-certainty that crowds, which sometimes dropped below 250 this season, will plummet further in Leatherhead despite the offer by Anderson, who runs a successful travel company, to ensure fans are transported for free. With the groundshare currently mooted for an indefinite period and the Chessington project in some doubt, there are well-held fears that Kingstonian risk an itinerant future that, as plenty before them in non-league have found, tends to end only one way. Anderson’s optimism perhaps avoids the issue of how precarious life has become in football’s lower reaches.Kingstonian do, though, inspire a depth of feeling that at once lends further positivity and underscores just how important it is that they remain alive. Around 1,200 supporters, three times their previous biggest crowd of the season, were present on Saturday. Even if that included 300 jubilant visitors from Havant and Waterlooville, who saw their manager Lee Bradbury soaked in champagne at full-time as they gained the point they needed for promotion to the National League South, it spoke of a latent support that is powerful for a club at this level and has borne witness to much better days than this.“I warmed to the stadium very quickly because it did exactly what it said it would,” says Phil Windeatt, who grew up on the nearby Cambridge Road estate and remembers watching Kingstonian amid packed houses at the club’s older, rattling anachronism of a Richmond Road home. “It was comfortable and you just had a feeling the club was going somewhere. In the 1990s we had a team that was strong and played good, attacking football. We were there or thereabouts every year but were never quite going to win the league. In the end we were like Icarus, flying too close to the sun.”

Spencer Hawes Jersey

By lucyweiweiwei, 2017-04-25

Jürgen Klopp has said he expects Liverpool’s England contingent will be involved in friendly in Australia three days after the end of their Premier League season and less than a month before the national team face Scotland in Authentic Malik Beasley Womens Jersey a World Cup qualifier at Hampden Park.Liverpool will play Sydney FC in a lucrative match at the ANZ Stadium on 24 May after closing their domestic campaign at home to Middlesbrough and have announced that Steve Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Daniel Agger and Steve McManaman will feature in the game.Manchester United show ‘concrete interest’ in £85m Antoine Griezmann Despite calling up four former players Klopp insists Liverpool’s England players and other internationals will travel halfway around the world for a fixture that forms part of the club’s 125th anniversary celebrations. England face Scotland on 10 June, with the squad expected to report for training five days earlier, before playing a friendly against France in Paris on 13 June.Jordan Henderson, Adam Lallana, Nathaniel Clyne and Daniel Sturridge would all normally feature in the Australia trip and the England games, but fitness problems may dictate otherwise. Henderson is on crutches after being told by Liverpool’s medical department to take the weight off a foot injury that has sidelined the Liverpool captain since 11 February. Klopp has admitted the midfielder suffered a setback in his recovery and it is not known when Henderson will return.Liverpool must also play a waiting game on Sturridge’s recovery from another hip injury but Lallana is expected back from a thigh problem for Monday’s trip to Watford. Injuries permitting, Klopp expects to take a strong squad to Sydney after the Middlesbrough finale.The Liverpool manager said: “We will go with pretty much everybody. They will all go there even if they don’t play. They will be involved with other things. We are not sure, there are one or two [who could miss the trip] but that involves other things and not international call-ups. We will show the best and nicest faces of LFC.“There is no final decision at this moment. What we can say is 100% yes – we want to present Liverpool as good as possible and it makes sense to import these legends. They’re really happy about it.”Manchester United have shown “concrete interest” in signing the Atlético Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann, who has an buyout clause of £85m, the France international’s agent Eric Olhats has claimed.United, who are fifth in the Premier League, have scored the least number of goals among the top six sides and are aiming to strengthen their attack with Griezmann, who has scored 25 goals for Atlético this season.“We’re at the stage of gathering information from clubs who have a concrete interest,” Olhats told the French TV programme Téléfoot. “There is an unavoidable €100m clause so that restricts the number of candidates. You have United, [Manchester] City, Chelsea, Barcelona and Real Madrid. United were the first to come and see us and the most concrete in their wishes.“United’s attacking options are limited with their top goalscorer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, ruled out for a lengthy period after Bucks Youth Jersey sustaining a knee injury in their Europa League tie against Anderlecht.The injured midfielder Juan Mata is the next highest scorer this season with six goals, while the 19-year-old striker Marcus Rashford has five. United face City at the Etihad Stadium on Thursday with both teams striving to secure a Champions League berth.If Maria Sharapova, with neither ranking nor regrets for the actions that led to her absence, can advance to the second round of this tournament by beating the 2015 US Open finalist Roberta Vinci in what is sure to be a packed and awed Centre Court, she will make as many people furious as delirious.Serena Williams accuses Ilie Nastase of racially abusing her and unborn child At stake is not a mere result, nor even temporary glory for a bread-and-butter tournament the leading players use to tune up for the slams. Sharapova, a triple-champion who is here courtesy of a wildcard 24 hours after the end of her drugs ban, is playing for vindication and an excuse for another, more important invitation: to the French Open next month. Tennis also desperately needs Her Blondeness back.Sharapova will qualify for the preliminary tournament at Roland Garros by right if she reaches Sunday’s final in Germany. While that is unlikely, there will be many gormless cheerleaders willing her to do so. If she loses before then, she will have to rely on the whim of the French federation president, Bernard Giudicelli, who gives the impression of being immune to her charms, and gets a chance to prove his steel when he hands down a decision on 15 May.Giudicelli knows that Sharapova is perfectly placed to fill the giant vacuum in the schedule recently created by the world No1 Serena Williams, who is inconveniently absent for the rest of the year while awaiting the arrival of her first child. Tommy Cooper did not have better timing.There is an argument to say that a former champion should be welcomed back in the main draw of a tournament ahead of more deserving hopefuls – although not a very convincing one, in these circumstances. Which is why Giudicelli could use the qualifying tournament as a convenient route back to the majors for her. Wimbledon will have this discussion in coming weeks, too.

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The situation was broken up by onlooker

By lucyweiweiwei, 2017-04-25

For Serie A’s 20 clubs, the finish line is in sight. The two representing the city of Milan, however, might be starting to wonder what race they have even Bucks Womens Jersey been running. They had presumed for many months to be part of that elite group chasing after a Champions League berth. Instead, at the end of this gruelling marathon, they find themselves contesting a prize that hardly seems worth winning.Sixth place is just about all that Inter or Milan can aspire to, after a weekend in which they each hit new depths of calamity. Their prize (barring an implausible collapse from Coppa Italia finalists Lazio, which would offer fresh opportunities to climb higher in any case) would be a spot in the Europa League’s third qualifying round.To frame that another way: the winners of this race can look forward to having their holidays shortened for a season that begins in July. Might players prefer to lose now than endure such a dubious reward? It is a scandalous suggestion, but one that found its way into several Monday papers as reporters strived to comprehend Inter’s 5-4 defeat at Fiorentina, and Milan’s 2-1 loss at home to Empoli.The former result might not seem so shocking at a glance. Fiorentina, despite indifferent form, have still only lost one league game this season at the Stadio Artemio Franchi. And yet it was the manner of this defeat, rather than the fact of it, that left Inter’s supporters bewildered.With an hour gone, they were 2-1 up and pulling out the party tricks. By the 79th, they trailed 5-2. Fiorentina deserve credit for the way they shifted through the gears – Borja Valero and Matías Vecino exploiting the gaps between Inter’s midfield lines and Khouma Babacar taking the first of his two goals especially coolly. All, though, were enabled by opponents whose defensive inattentiveness has become an institutional trait.Stefano Pioli will carry the can for this collapse, and was reported by some outlets to have attempted to resign afterward. Inter have taken only two points from their past five games, and he looked every bit the defeated man as he reflected that they had “stopped being a team”.He will be replaced in the summer, but Inter’s capacity for capitulation has now transcended a multitude of different managers, players and ownership groups in the past half-decade. Even the shortest attention spans cannot have forgotten how this club sat top at Christmas last season under Roberto Mancini, yet finished Arron Afflalo Womens Jersey 13 points off a Champions League place.What will it take to fix this team? The Chinese owners hope substantial investment in a new manager and squad upgrades will do the trick. And certainly if they were to land one of their two mooted top targets – Diego Simeone or Antonio Conte – that would represent a major coup. But the fact remains that this squad ought to be capable of so much more already.Only Juventus, in Serie A, can boast markedly superior talent. On Saturday, Inter started with Mauro Icardi up front, supported by Ivan Perisic, João Mário and Antonio Candreva. The former has scored 24 league goals this season, including a hat-trick here, while the latter trio are all top-tier internationals.In central midfield were Geoffrey Kondogbia – now oft-derided but perceived as one of Europe’s hottest prospects when he signed from Monaco two years ago – and the similarly potent Roberto Gagliardini. Ever Banega was an unused sub.Even in defence, the weakest point of this team, Inter were able to field Gary Medel and Miranda – capped 96 and 39 times by Chile and Brazil, respectively. That partnership lacks pace, a truth ruthlessly exposed at times by Fiorentina, but they are also backed up by one of Serie A’s better goalkeepers in Samir Handanovic – who even saved a penalty this weekend.It is a different story at Milan, who remain two points ahead of Inter despite thinner resources. Injuries have deprived them of Giacomo Bonaventura and Riccardo Montolivo in midfield, but defeat by Empoli highlighted the mediocrity of their replacements. José Sosa, Matías Fernández and Mario Pasalic were outshone almost single-handedly by the visitors’ No10, Omar El Kaddouri, a player who could not buy a start during his past season and a half at Napoli.Too often, the Rossoneri have relied on the ruthlessness of Carlos Bacca up front to win them games without playing all that well. Vincenzo Montella’s decision to rest him against Empoli backfired, with Milan mustering 28 shots but only once beating Lukasz Skorupski.transfer market. Quite what their financial potential looks like In any case, both Milan and Inter could take a lesson from the teams immediately above them. Atalanta lost 7-1 to the Nerazzurri in March, but that is the only defeat they have suffered in 13 games. They beat Bologna 3-2 this weekend, strengthening their grip on fifth – and with it, automatic Europa League qualification – despite having a wage budget less than one-quarter the size of Inter’s.Even Lazio, one point ahead in fourth after their 6-2 rout of Palermo, have been operating on far more modest resources than either of the Milan sides. Money, it turns out, is not the only necessary building block for success.Perhaps there is some element of motivation at play. Atalanta, at least, are genuinely enthused by the Dennis Schroder Womens Jersey prospect of Europa League qualification, unsurprisingly for a club whose last foray into continental competition came in the now defunct Anglo-Italian Cup.The Milanese malaise, though, runs deeper than this. They might be underwhelmed by the prize they see on offer this May. But if they have failed to put themselves in contention for greater rewards, it is only because they were tripping over themselves long before the finish line came into view. Mattia De Sciglio’s flirtations with Juventus have long cost him the affections of a section of Milan’s fanbase, and he was jeered throughout a poor performance against Empoli. Far more troubling, though, was what went on as he tried to leave San Siro afterwards. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, his car was set upon by an angry fan, leading first his father and then mother to exit the vehicle in an attempt to calm this individual. Instead, the situation is reported to have escalated, with De Sciglio’s mother receiving a shove and a bottle of beer being thrown against the car. The situation was broken up by onlookers but police were required to get the player and his family back into the stadium garage as others arrived and threatened to escalate the situation.

What are the prospects for a club

By lucyweiweiwei, 2017-04-24

Leyton Orient staff have accused the club’s owners of failing to respond to repeated requests to pay Will Barton Womens Jersey them their wages for March, causing some of them to have to find alternative living arrangements.Orient, who were relegated from League Two on Saturday after a 3-0 defeat against Crewe, still owe four creditors money despite escaping a winding-up petition after the club paid its debt to HMRC. The Italian owner Francesco Becchetti has been given until 12 June to pay off debts or sell the club having previously indicated he will inject £1m to ensure Orient survive.So you've been relegated from League Two. What happens next However, with the end of the month approaching and still no sign of last month’s wages, a statement on behalf of Orient employees urged the Football League and Football Association to step in.“We have been met with a wall of silence,” read the statement. “We are now on the 24th day of the month and are yet to receive a payment of wages for March, with April due in only four days’ time.“We are extremely concerned about the ongoing situation given the effect of non-payment of mortgages and rent are already resulting in staff having to relocate.“We appeal to the EFL and the Football Association to intervene on our behalf as the regulatory bodies in the sport and demand substantive answers from the club’s board It was previously reported that the EFL met with directors of the club in March where the club’s plans until the end of the season were outlined and financial reassurances were given.“Having failed to have these plans communicated to us as staff, or even see evidence of such plans during the intervening weeks, it reinforces our grave concern regarding the financial stability of the club or its ability to pay outstanding debts.“With two weeks of the season left before we fall out of the remit of the EFL, we call on you to act immediately and without delay on our behalf.“With the growing mismanagement of football clubs in general we feel your intervention is essential in order to safeguard ourselves, as well as other clubs who may find themselves in a similar situation in the future.”The EFL released a statement on Monday which read: “[We] remain exceptionally concerned about the current situation at Leyton Orient.“We are also aware of the frustration being expressed by the club’s staff. This is shared by the EFL executive, as we are similarly seeking answers to a number of important questions from the Giannis Antetokounmpo Jersey directors of the club. Silence is not an acceptable response.“The EFL board received an update on the situation at its meeting on April 6 with the club being asked to provide a further commitment following widespread reporting that the required funding had not been made available. No response has been received to date.”Meanwhile, Barry Hearn – who sold his majority stake in the club to Becchetti in 2014 – has resigned from his position as Orient’s honorary life president.“I’ve written to Leyton Orient this morning, to Mr Becchetti and his lieutenant, to say I cannot possibly be associated with any business, and in particular Leyton Orient Football Club, that doesn’t pay its staff and doesn’t pay the wages in the normal course of business,” Hearn told Sky Sports News HQ.“It’s a sad day for me, it was only an honorary role and a non-executive role, but I don’t want my name linked to the club under the current ownership. This owner has got to go, he’s made a terrible mess of the club and he’s lost a lot of his own money.“I am not happy to be associated with anyone who treats his staff and players like that – they’ve got their own lives, mortgages, kids etc. From today I am no longer the president of Leyton Orient Football Club, that doesn’t mean I will not be there to help in the future but clearly something drastic has got to happen and it’s got to happen very quickly.”“Ultimately, relegation to non-league was our worst fear as a club but when it happened we realised it wasn’t all that bad and it actually brought us all together.”That’s the view of Bristol Rovers fan Richard Beech, which may be a crumb of comfort for Leyton Orient supporters facing up to the fact that the London side’s 112-year stay in the Football League is over. Supporters of Hartlepool and Newport County may well take note as well, as it is almost certain one of those clubs will also be in the National League next season.What are the prospects for a club leaving the league? There is the initial glass-half-full appeal of any relegation: getting to visit new grounds and being, in theory,

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keep losing games to Celtic Philipp Grubauer

By lucyweiweiwei, 2017-04-24

If Hibernian had not ended an epic, 114‑year wait for Scottish Cup success last May, this kind of semi-final conclusion would have led onlookers to suspect Brandon Doughty Womens Jersey a curse. Instead, the ovation as afforded to the Edinburgh club’s players in such painful defeat to Aberdeen acknowledged recent glory and a stirring recovery in this semi-final.Aberdeen have endured a curious gap of their own, of 27 since they took delivery of the Scottish Cup and 17 without reaching the final. The latter wait at least now over. Celtic or Rangers will lie in wait on 27 May.From the 86th minute of a pulsating semi-final, matters took a turn for the extraordinary. Jonny Hayes attempted a long-range shot which could barely have carried less threat before catching the back of Darren McGregor’s knee and bouncing into the Hibs net. Aberdeen were entitled to their jubilation; nobody remembers how semi-finals are won.This was to prove the crucial match moment but not the last one of note. The Hibs goalkeeper, Ofir Marciano, saw a header smartly saved on the dying act of the game. Neil Lennon, the Edinburgh club’s manager, subsequently swatted aside any notion that bad luck was the pertinent feature here. In short, Lennon was livid that his players had earlier afforded Aberdeen a two-goal start.“I don’t need your commiserations,” said Lennon in the opening gambit of an extraordinary press conference. “Gallant losers are losers. They’ll get no accolades from me. Maybe from the punters but not from me. They should have won the game, it’s not good enough.”Lennon branded his team’s opening to the semi-final as “pathetic” with only two players, Marvin Bartley and Dylan McGeouch, spared criticism. “The rest of them looked like the boy band they’ve been for the last three or four years,” the Northern Irishman said.In calm reflection, one hopes Lennon recognises what a positive contribution Hibs made. And this was an unforeseen one after an utterly disastrous star Just 11 seconds had passed when Adam Rooney fired Aberdeen ahead. Hibs, in proving why playing backwards straight from kick-off can be a dicey game, gave Rooney that opportunity on a plate as McGregor horribly botched a pass to Efe Ambrose.The goal had dual impact; Aberdeen were bullish with Hibs disjointed. What seemed a vital second goal given the early gulf between the sides was claimed by Ryan Christie, from a clever free-kick which suitably deceived Marciano at his near post. Lennon’s response was the removal of Fraser Fyvie – in truth, the Hibs manager could have permed any one from seven – with the veteran striker Grant Holt introduced. It was to prove an inspired move, Holt heading a terrific Martin Boyle cross home to haul his team back into the game before playing a key role in the equaliser.McGeouch drove brilliantly from midfield before playing a one-two with Holt and slamming Capitals Authentic Jersey the ball beyond Joe Lewis. On the hour, and from the earlier brink of elimination, Hibs were carrying all momentum. Aberdeen’s swagger had regressed into a quiver.Hayes, who had been quiet until that point, should of course be praised for attempting the 25-yard shot which triggered Aberdeen’s winner. Nonetheless, the scale of the deflection was what rendered Marciano helpless.“It was a cruel way for Hibs to lose but we’ll take it,” said Aberdeen’s manager, Derek McInnes. “I think we deserve that because of how hard we have worked.”Not lost on McInnes is Aberdeen’s dismal showing in losing the League Cup final to Celtic earlier in the season. That harrowing Hampden experience appears to be adding to Aberdeen motivation.“I felt after the last final we had some making up to do,” McInnes said. “We’ve done it through our league form since the turn of the year but to reach a second Cup final in a season for an Aberdeen team who could hardly get to one final for many years, I’m so pleased.“Semis are all about getting through. Hopefully we can learn from the experiences we’ve had, certainly the last time we were here when it was the most sobering. There’s nothing worse when you know you haven’t turned up – we spoke in the dressing room after that game that the only way to feel better about this result is immediately getting back to a final. It’s only by revisiting finals, familiarising yourself with them, that you get used to them.”As Aberdeen pray for an alternative outcome, Hibs seemed to take solace at previously enjoying the very same.It remains a point of fascination as to where Moussa Dembélé will continue his career and how much of the speculation as to how many tens of millions the Celtic striker should command by way of a transfer fee is borne out by reality. It is impossible to ignore the standard Dembélé plays against in Scotland but he clearly has the attributes to play at a considerably higher level.Anyone watching his ineffectual performance at Ross County last week would scoff at the prospect of him being worth £30m but the 20-year-old, like Celtic as a whole, could be forgiven for winding down with the league title already secured. With youth, too, comes inevitable inconsistency.The bad news for Rangers is that Dembélé tends to reserve his best performances for marquee occasions. Manchester City encountered that much in the Champions League, just as Rangers suffered on account of a Dembélé hat-trick last September. When the Old Firm met on New Year’s Eve, Dembélé created the platform for Celtic’s win with an outstanding finish. When the old foes met on League Cup semi-final business, Dembélé was Celtic’s matchwinner.Clubs with more than a passing interest in Dembélé will inevitably focus on what he delivers at Hampden.Rangers’ recently appointed head coach has to recognise one thing; what his predecessor, Mark Warburton, did against Celtic in three matches this season cannot be replicated. Rangers did not win any of those games, after all. Recent off-field chaos doesn’t matter; it isn’t a long-term option for a Rangers manager to keep losing games to Celtic.Pedro Caixinha watched from the stand as Rangers earned a worthy draw at Celtic Park last month. Celtic have better players, particularly in attacking areas, than their city rivals; his task is not only to nullify that potency but find a way for Rangers to offer more in the final third.

come out of this smelling of roses jersey

By lucyweiweiwei, 2017-04-23

To one eyewitness, Ilie Nastase behaved in a “vile, disgusting and deplorable manner to every member of the British team”. Another talked of “very base and vulgar Nikola Jokic Womens Jersey language” with “gross finger gestures” to the crowd. Some even wondered whether the match between Romania and Great Britain should be called off. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Two days ago familiar, perhaps? Only these comments weren’t about this weekend’s Federation Cup tie – but came from the British team following a Davis Cup match against Nastase’s Romania in 1978.So we shouldn’t be surprised that Nastase called Johanna Konta“a fucking bitch”, made offensive remarks about Serena Williams’ unborn child, or leched over the British team captain, Anne Keothavong, before asking for her room number. Sneering, leering, loud, louche: such adjectives should define Nastase as much as those used to describe his remarkable shot-making on court.The Romanian has been suspended by the International Tennis Federation over the incident that left Konta in tears. It is far from the first time – in fact after the aforementioned match against Britain, Nastase was suspended from the Davis Cup for a year on the grounds that his behaviour had “brought the game and the event into disrepute”.Ilie Nastase sparks Fed Cup chaos with foul-mouthed outburst in Romania v GB Even so, it was a probably a minor punishment, given he had just attacked David Lloyd with a racket. As Lloyd later explained: “He got very annoyed as he does when an opponent fails to rise to his bait. He then made a most obscene remark to me and angrily hit me on the head with his racket. Three times. I almost walked out of the match in disgust.”Note the “almost”. For nearly 50 years Nastase has visited the last-chance saloon, but in his case has always been allowed back in. In 1975 and early 1976, for instance, he was disqualified four times in less than 12 months. On another occasion, after losing another match for being abusive to an umpire, a report noted – without irony – “This is the second time in nine months that Nastase has been disqualified from the quarter-final round of national clay court championships.”In the early 1980s, meanwhile, he called one spectator at a pre-Wimbledon tournament a “witch” – and the linesman who penalised him for a foot fault “a member of the SS”. And this was in the opening service game.According to a contemporary report, Nastase then spent the final game of the match serving “from somewhere between four and eight feet behind the baseline, and then for the final point from close to an advertising hoarding in the corner of the arena.”So it is no surprise to read that at one point, the head of one of the umpires unions admitted: “Out of our membership of 200, there are no more than a dozen Bucks Authentic Jersey at the most we would ask to umpire a match involving Nastase.” And yet still the show went on.In 1980 he even slapped the Daily Mail reporter John Passmore at Wimbledon – admittedly after the journalist had been asking him questions about the break-up of his marriage – without charges being pressed. Passmore’s description of the incident is not pleasant. “He pushed me in the throat with his open hand. I reeled backwards and my glasses fell off and were smashed.”Ilie Nastase must be evicted from tennis for his behaviour at Fed Cup Too often such incidents have been brushed off, smothered and forgotten due to Nastase being one of the game’s great “characters”, or “a personality”. Yet in a 1994 New Yorker piece, Martin Amis skewered such casual language, describing a “personality” in tennis “as an exact synonym of a seven-letter duo-syllable word starting with ‘a’ and ending with ‘e’ (and also featuring, in order of appearance an ‘ss’, an ‘h’, an ‘o’, and an ‘l’)”.Naturally Nastase was the first name that came to Amis’s mind (“a serious ‘personality’ – probably the most complete ‘personality’ the game has ever boasted”). Unsurprisingly he is someone who has previously boasted of having as many as 900 notches on his bedpost “including the ugly ones”. He is so unreconstructed it would be no surprise if he still wore Old Spice or sported a gold medallion.But listening to Pam Shriver on Saturday it became clear how tennis should have dealt with him decades ago. Rather than being indulged, he should have been bluntly challenged. As Shriver explained, Nastase asked her about 30 times whether she was still a virgin while she was a teenager. “When I got older, perhaps 20, and he asked me for about the 30th time, I said: ‘Would you please stop asking me that?’ Sort of to his credit, he never asked me again. I set a firm boundary and he stopped.”It was a strategy also followed by the tall “and menacing in manner” American Clark Graebner early in Nastase’s career. Suspecting the Romanian was about to get up to his tricks he “stepped over the net, grasped the Romanian by the shirt and gave him a sharp, finger-wagging warning. Nobody’s going to bully me on the court.”On Sunday evening it was revealed Nastase had sent flowers to the British team, yet he can’t be allowed to come out of this smelling of roses. Tennis must send a message that he can no longer volley away his foibles and misbehaviours.

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