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UDTV MUNCHIE MADNESS Created & Hosted by WOLFMAN. Continuing an excellent tradition, this episode is part of the LEGGO MY EGGO Series: The WOLFMAN DOUBLE BACON BEAST BURGER!

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The UDTV Choir was David Owen (MCA, Critical Mass), Mark BAM BAM McConnell (Sebastian Bach, A.X.E., Dimebag, Blackfoot), Mike Ozy on bass and Debbie Barth, Kenny Wenland and Mohawk Al on vocals. The night was hosted by the infamous Reverend WOLFMAN (Host of UDTV, Serpent 7).

Where else can you get Quirky Quesadillas, Leggo My Eggo Platters with Trippin; Dippin Sauce.
Come eat what everyone is raving about

Why try on of UDTV MUNCHIE MADNESS Quirky BBQ Quesidillas? Don’t just take my word for it…

*One of my favorite things about UDTV Sunday School every Sunday night at Backstage Lounge is that not only do I get to hear some of Gainesville’s most talented musicians, but I can also enjoy the food from the Munchie Madness Menu at the Backstage Grill. I’ve now sampled several of the dishes. They are all awesome, but I have to say that my favorites are the Righteous Rib Quirky Quesadillas and the Silly Seasoned Fries. Both come with Trippin’ Dippin’ Sauce. Yummy. What a great way to spend a Sunday night! I get both… Comfort Music and Comfort Food. The combination definitely sets the stage for my upcoming week in the right spirit.

~Cathy Tyrrell

*The Righteous RIB Quirky Quesadilla, now that da S@*T! I’m a black man and all I can say is that this S@*T is better than bacon!!! Thanks WOLFMAN.

~WES 3rd Stone

*I tried the Believers Beef Brisket Quirky Quesadilla. It had outstanding flavor and the Trippin Dippin Sauces were to die for. This Quirky Quesadilla was loaded with goodness, lots of cheese and meat all the way to the outer edge. I give it a 10 out of 10. It was very moist and tasty throughout. The most unique and best quesadilla Ive ever had.

~Lynette McMahon

The Mighty Porker is a quirky blend of pork and heat. The unique Trippin’ Dippin’ Sauce leaves me wanting more.
WOLFMAN Munchie Madness ROCK!
~Stevie Lyn Bardin (Power Promotions Jacksonville)

The Mighty Porker is amazing! You have to eat the whole thing to appreciate the final punch.
A taste that will pleasantly stay with ya and make you crave another!

~Joey Bardin (Power Promotions Jacksonville)

Why is everyone raving about the WOLFMAN Bacon Beast Cheeseburger on Two EGGO’S served with Smarty Marty Fries… Listen to the hype, BUT just try one yourself!

*The WOLFMAN EGGO Double Bacon Beast Burger! WOW, this is the stuff that makes America great. Two beef patties, 6 strips of crispy bacon topped with two large American cheese slices in between two golden brown Eggos. What more would a red blooded American ask for? Perhaps the delicious Mighty Porker Quesadilla with Raunchy Ranch Trippin Dippin Sauce.
You keep making it WOLFMAN, and I’ll surely keep eating it!

~TJ Bones

*No Lie, The WOLFMAN EGGO Bacon Beast Burger is hands down the best burger in Gainesville!

~Reggie The Bass Master Klein (Echoes Of Violence)

The WOLFMAN EGGO Bacon Beast Burger is one GREAT tasting burger!

~David Messler (Jacksonville)

The WOLFMAN EGGO Double Beast Burger, a creation that you must take a pause before finishing.
Great Stuff!

~Mike Ozy

The WOLFMAN EGOO Bacon Beast Burger, all I can say is… Amazing F*ckin’ Burger Man!!!

~David Owen (Critical Mass -MCA)


Producer, Creator, Writer, Host: Wolfman

Co-Producers and Cinematographers : Mike Varano and Gabriel Tyner of GT Productions

Music: Elektronik Kronic (Sean Barnes of Funks Inc. and WOLFMAN of Serpent Seven)

Voice Over: Thomas Vaughn of TV Productions

Copyright 2009 MUNCHIE MADNESS a Division of UDTV Productions INCORPORATED –

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