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This is the latest MUNCHIE MADNESS episode featuring WOLFMAN’s DEAD ELVIS Sandwich taped at the King of Clubs (R.I.P.) inside the Sun Center in Gainesville, FL. WOLFMAN’s Dead Elvis is a fried triple decker peanut butter & jelly, bacon, banana, and mayo sandwich that combines various favorite ingredients from the man himself, ELVIS. It’s called a DEAD ELVIS cause as amazing as this sandwich is, it may just be the death of ya. Then again, Elvis Presley lived on these kind of sandwiches his whole life. Get this episode when you pre-order the new MUNCHIE MADNESS DVD!!! Follow along as WOLFMAN makes The DEAD ELVIS Sandwhich. This sounds wacky but Wolfman’s Dead Elvis is amazing. Make one for yourself and see!


Look for the UDTV MUNCVHIE MADNESS DVD to be release later this 2011 year.

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