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Harden said of the third section of the 2k mt

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"This wave of attack is too important for us," Harden said of the third section of the end of the offensive climax, said, "the whole game, we are almost behind, with a double-digit gap, we have chased before 6 2k mt, but no longer catch up (until this wave attack) " The Rockets in the game most of the time behind, enough to explain the Thunder team's adjustment is valid, they lost 31 points in the first, today can lead the 2k mt half, and the advantages of more than two digits. The Rockets need a better way to deal with the next two away. The next match will be held on Saturday morning at 9:30 am in Oklahoma City. Beijing time on April 20, according to ESPN reported that the Memphis Grizzlies coach David - Fitzdale because of openly questioned and accused the referee penalty by the Union imposed a fine of $ 30,000, but the team headed vc buy Mike - Conley behind the coach, and Said it would pay a fine with his 2k mt.