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A lot of people are wondering

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Path of Exile has been a very busy game as of late, for they have not only introduced new leagues in the recent months, but scores of new items, content, and even a new way of playing the game. But now, their focus is on the upcoming beta for their next expansion: The Fall of Oriath. The team notes that the beta is absolutely vital to the development of the growth, but also know you have a lot of questions about it. So , they compiled a FAQ of the most asked questions and have given the answers you desire to know.

For example , a lot of people are wondering when Buy Path Of Exile items the beta will start. According to the team, it’s tentative release date will be June 7th. Naturally, things could happen to make that date move up or move back. Another interesting note is that the Legacy League will end the week before on May 29th. But don’t worry, there will still be plenty of things to do, as the team notes they’ll be running events after the Legacy League ends.

The beta itself will run for about 5-6 weeks in order to get as much information as possible. Cheap Path Of Exile items As for who gets into it, there will be a few ways you can enter. You can get invited by the dev team (keys is going to be sent to individual player accounts), or, you can actually buy your way into the beta. You can get in via buying a brand new supporter pack that’ll come with the betas arrival, or, if you’ve supported Route of Exile a lot in the past, the team will automatically send you an invite.

In regards to content material, The Fall of Oriath will certainly contain the first eight acts of the expansions story, with the other two acts being released with version 3. 0.